The PTL Prüfstandstechnik Leipzig GmbH is emanated from the ‘IPM-Ingenieuer- und Projektmanagement GmbH’ and is concentrated to special subjects of the electrical hydraulic and automation, especially to construct test benches and test engineering stands.


Our experienced engineers calculate and develop sophisticated complete solutions in the sector hydraulic and electrical control technology with the aid of modern and cross-linked CAD-technique.

Our Engineering includes

the formulation of the contract documents

the development, projection and construction of the machine

the development and projection of the electrical control technology

the development and programming of the complete measurement, registration and analysing technique to the point of process visualisation

the complete documentation

the engineering services for the total machine runtime

the construction with: Auto-CAD, Inventor, Micro station, ECS-CAD

the programming with: Step7, MICRO-WIN, PC-WORX, Lab View, WinCC, Delphi

We are Developer for

Servo valves and servo technique

Short stroke cylinder and servo cylinder

Specific hydraulic sensors

ptl hydraulik

Customer-specific special function valves solutions for drive and control systems

Valves solutions for drive and control systems

Customer- and user-specification software


We are accredited to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

We are certified specialist §19I WHG

We have exhaust air treatment certificates for our sensors

We have the UL Listing Mark for our sensors



ptl engineering



Test stands and test engineering technologies are developed and construed by default or compiled specification books. The complete test procedures are realized automatically by our own programs. Thereby all sequences are visualized and recorded.

We advise our customers in their test requirements and conduct their orders precisely.

Test benches

R&D services

Universal cylinder test benches

Series test benches

Continuous operating test bench

Test benches for burst motions

Pulsation test benches

Engine- and pump test bench with energy recovery


compact and modular

noise optimised and surrounded

menu-driven handling

automatic measured value acquisition

computer-based analysis


We advise our customers in their test requirements and conduct their
orders precisely.

Test Engineering

Development of test programs and test technologies

Establishing of customer-specialized test facilities

Accomplishment of static and dynamic test

Test of single components and separate elements

Evaluation and annotation of test results



ptl test bench
ptl test bench



We are specialized in aggregate and plant engineering for customer-specific solutions in the range of ready-forconnection aggregates up to complete hydraulic machines with any electrical control units.

Aggregate Engineering

From small units up to large-scale units

All specifications also in stainless steel possible

Ready-for-connection with an electrical terminal box

Special Plant Engineering and Hoisting Technology

Automation machinery with progressive measurement and control engineering

High-precision synchronism control

Fast and precise positioning of linear drives



ptl aggregate and plant engineering



We are specialized in the conservation of values, modernisation and trade mark independent maintenance.

With remote diagnostics and life monitoring, we offer you preventive maintenance, which minimises downtimes, improves machine safety and optimises your energy and wearing part management.

Maintenance and Failure Relief

Maintenance and inspections for the hydraulic and the electric in facilities and systems

Physical engineering support for debugging and diagnostic

Acceptance of long-term preventive maintenance contracts

Repair & Servicing

General repair of hydraulic components

Repair of servo valves

Repair of ‘ORSTA’-technology, including electronics

Preventive maintenance through hydraulic condition monitoring with remote diagnostics and life monitoring

hydraulic condition monitoring

Repair and maintenance of hydraulic machines and systems

Service & Trade

Adaption and modernisation of existing installations

Rebuilding and preservation of the function of present facilities and systems

Trade with general and specific hydraulic components



ptl service
ptl service


We are a certified specialised company according to the Federal Water Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz, WHG).
We are a BG proved company.
iso zertifikat